Detective Joe Rafferty thinks: nice easy sex murder, when young schoolteacher Laura Scott is found murdered and half-naked. It puts his problems from his brothers accusing one another when stuff goes missing from their lock-up, to the Chief Constables porno-starring granddaughter in perspective.

Until it doesnt. Because his brothers, amateur entrepreneurs in a small way till now, have started to branch out. And the CCs porno-star granddaughter? Hes to make it all just go away, though the message isnt clear about just how he is to accomplish this convenient disappearing act in these days of videos going viral on Youtube.

Even his nice easy sex murderisnt. Laura Scott might have been murdered, but she wasnt raped or interfered with in any way. In fact, the case gets a whole lot more complicated. Because it seems Laura Scott was all things to all people, and everyone cant be right. To Rafferty, like Russia to Winston Churchill, Laura turns out to be A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. But it is only by finding the real Laura that he can find her murderer.