Home buying is a detailed process. It involves a lot of attention to detail on various financial, legal and aesthetic matters.

Without doubt, home buying is no easy task for anyone buying a new home, let alone the first-time home buyer. As there are many specifics and technicalities to go over, it can turn out to be a really overwhelming process.
To safeguard any investment, the first-time home buyer will need to learn to be very careful and to be very exact when inquiring and scrutinizing all the details before closing any deals. So, a lot of preparation really helps for a smooth home buying process.

First-off, the must-know basics to have in mind when preparing to buy a new home:

1. The budget, which includes purchase price, downpayment assistance , financing methods you can afford
2. Your specifications, what youre looking for in a home
3. Basic understanding of legalities involved

Those are just some of the basics youll need to know in the home buying process. You can get all the details inside this book!