HAS BEN HOPE FINALLY MET HIS MATCH? The master bestseller returns with the explosive follow up to STAR OF AFRICA. The second in a two-part series. The adventure began in Star of Africa, now ex-SAS major Ben Hope is in the most desperate situation of his life Held hostage by a despicable tyrant in the heart of Africa, its not looking good for Ben Hope. General Khosas lust for blood is matched only by his lust for power and he wants to use Bens superior military skills to turn his rabble of inexperienced boys into an army of lethal soldiers. If Ben refuses, Khosa will kill the person he loves most. If he cooperates, hell bring more death and devastation to the worlds most violent, war-torn nation. Either way, Ben will have blood on his hands unless he can defeat Khosa. It seems an impossible task. But for Ben Hope, anything is possible